Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kindergarten Orientation

Yes, you read that right... KINDERGARTEN orientation. This time of year is always a bit busy and stressful for me with the transition from summer back to work. As a result, this orientation crept up ... and I haven't even quite processed it yet. My babies are going to go to MY school. I don't know whether to cry or smile. They are going to be with me all day every day. I get to peak in on them, volunteer in their classroom, and have special lunch dates with my babies anytime I want.  I feel SO VERY fortunate to work at an AWESOME school that my children get to attended. Silver Gate Elementary is a hidden gem among public schools. So the saying goes...
 "School is Great at Silver Gate" 
Daddy met us at orientation because I had to be half mom, half teacher.
We are SO excited that we are in room 12 and Mrs. Sykes is our teacher. 
She is so awesome. The girls know her well and feel so comfortable with her and to top it off she is known as "the Mary Poppins of kindergarten"
Their classroom 
Ellie giving Mrs. Sykes a hug...
At orientation the girls got to meet their classmates, see their desk, meet their teacher, and color! 

I really can't believe that this time has come... I will cherish this last weekend, until you both and I fully submit to school and work. Lola and Ellie, this summer above all others, I will miss the  most. The summer before kindergarten started. The summer where my fondest memories were hanging at the beach with you both, simply playing in waves, watching you master boogie boarding, and spending endless afternoons with my favorite beach buddies. These memories will live in my heart forever. So it's onto starting a new chapter in lives together. 
I am so proud of both of you, my grade school girls. 

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