Wednesday, August 6, 2014

lazy dayz

We headed out for a beach day with Daddy this time... Moonlight beach was a perfect spot for Daddy to watch the show as the girls boogie boarded! The girls were intense this day and braved the bigger waves all on their own. They were in search of a thrill ride... making their daddy proud. 

Ellie and her daddy... can I say daddy's girl !

Mommy and Lola! 

These sisters warm my heart. They are inseparable... I love how they love each other!
Look what I got to do on the beach... yeah stoked... it's been a while! 
Such is life for our "deprived" children
boogie boarding beauties
Our ladies headed out for "the big waves" all on their own. There they are walking out together in the foreground. I will tell you, this was the day that they became official boogie boarders. Both Lola and Ellie got pummeled a few time by these waves and got right back out there for more. I only wish they had a bit more fear of this powerful ocean. 

Rock'n day at the beach.. thumbs up! 
After a full day at the beach a stop in downtown Encinitas for a little Mexi doesn't hurt! Yumm! 

Tony and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this week with a night out! Much need hubby time! 

A morning on the bay with my surf couch.. Mouse and our friends Carole,  Lee, and Jaime. It was a perfect, calm, beautiful mooring filled with leisure paddling! No pother better way to start your morning. 

Yep, That's Lola solo... Check out the video...

Ellie and Lee
Me and My Girls! 

My friend Anida, from High school, came down to SD for a visit. W had the pleasure of hanging out at our pool with her for a whole day last week. Though I didn't get too many pics, her kiddos, Kaiden and Annabelle, had a fantastic time with the girls! 

They all played farm uno together too- too cute !

A week would not be complete without some neighborhood playtime
Love these lazy days of summer!
Seve our buddy is so fun to play with! 

The girls made their own paint out of side walk chalk.. I love their creativity!
... if only summer was endless...

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