Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Santa Barbara!

So mid-afternoon on my birthday we headed down to Santa Barbara from Pismo Beach for a few days of play. We weren't at the hotel two minutes before these ladies took advantage of the plethora of pillows the hotel had...
 'No Rules' when on vacation right? Pillow Fight!

Tony decided to take me to Sushi... my favorite... for my birthday dinner! Best Sushi EVER ...
Arigato Sushi on State street.
35...mid-thirties...loving it

 Ellie decided to drink the Soy Sauce... no rules, right?

Our hotel was just a few blocks from the beach, 
so the next day we headed out on our feet/wheels for a full day of fun. 

 SB Pier

 ... a little shopping...

 The girls talked us into renting one of these... why did the guy not tell me that it was going to be nearly impossible to pedal with two 5-year olds who couldn't help. I guess it was a good thing Daddy has a strong motor on his chair...
Daddy to the rescue, making this a "motorized" bid ride.  He was fast and the girls had so much fun. 

...more shopping on State street...
surfer girls in the making

...back to the hotel for a bit of swimming and happy hour pool side...

The girls begged to go play on the sand in the evening, pull my leg will you. Tony and I love this time on the beach, when the shadows are long and the sun in low in the sky. So peaceful. 

The next day we spent the morning at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
 It is a quaint little zoo, but the girls had a blast. 

These "goofy footed" girls could slide and fast!

Oh Yeah, and we were pretty much hanging out with Jen Garner and kids all day. We ran into their group like three time. It was pretty cool to see them all out just casual.  We did the classic sneak shot, but I love her so I had to snap it. 

OMG.. this was SO fun.. just look at the pictures. 

Train Ride! 

a little souvenir 
Okay ever since the somewhat fail of the last bike rental the girls begged to rent bikes of their own. Both Tony and I though we were not going to be able to rally, but we were so glad we did. The boardwalk was pretty open and the girls rented these bikes while I rented a beach cruiser and we just cruised the beach for a few hours. Tony was able to cruise right beside me while the girls jammed out in front. It was such a peaceful way wrap up the afternoon!

I, in no means, wanted to get on the road anywhere close to traffic time so we stalled our departure by heading back to state street again this time we found a little farmer's market. Lola and I shopped and Ellie took a nap. 

On the way out of Santa Barbabra we saw this cool park, Alameda Park. 
We stopped for a few before saying good bye to our sweet little vacation. 

It was a packed few days, but these little ventures Tony and I plan for the girls always hold such a sweet spot in my heart. I love everything about vacationing with just our family of four. 
I feel so blessed and thankful for my little family.  

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