Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer, sweet summer

This week was pretty much the last week of our San Diego Summer, as we are heading of town next week and then it's back to the grind... all too fast. So we spent this week preparing for school and also having a little fun. We pretty much spent any free time we found in the sand. 
My friend Melissa was in town this week so we all met at Kellogg for a morning of fun! 
Ellie wanted to head to the beach in this attire... why not ... right ? 
Darth Vader must have boogie boarded right?
{Kathleen, Leslie, Andrew, Stacie, Lola, Amy, Melissa}
Joseph, Brady, and Ella joined Lola in the water. 

{Bailey, Brady, Ella, Lola, Ellie}

It has been pretty warm around here! The girls have been begging to go night swimming, so we finally made it happen. So fun! 

It was just the girls and me this day. We had a ton of errands to run, but all the girls wanted to do was go boogie boarding. So I said if they were good we could stop at the beach for a hour or two. I love that they beg to go to the beach! Girls after my own heart! 

Smoothie break... Smoothie Sisters... the Vita Mix is chafing our lives!
I love how they sit next to each other  regardless of the space available. Twins!

Back to Kellogg again, this time with Renee, Xavier, Leo and Amy and Ella. 
Lola and Ellie wanted to bring water balloon to the beach, all the kids had fun with them. 

We wrapped up our beach week in style with a trip to Buccaneer Beach to hang with Lindsay and friends as well as meet the newest addition to the crew- Baby Nathan! So precious. 

All these kids had a blast in this tough surf. 

Ellie and Lola got to spend a little time with sweet Nathan. It was his first time at the beach and the girls were beyond excited to hang out with a baby that young. 

Great final beach day of the summer with this shot!
{Ella, ??, Lilly, Lola, Ellie, Lexi, Declan, Micah, Alex, Kylie, Gracie Jo, Nathan, and Trevor}

I did get out with the girls to celebrate both Amy and my birthday. It's nice to be kid free sometimes. 
{Amy, Stacie, Renee, Amy, Leslie, Moe (not pictured)}

Summer, sweet-sweet summer! 

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