Friday, September 19, 2014

Ballet Beauties

 And so it begins... we have dabbled in a dance class here and there, but now it's the real deal! The girls begged to join a "real" ballet class. So, San Diego Civic Youth Ballet here we come. This ballet company is pretty formal even for the "Tiny-Tots" level. The girls have to wear these pink on pink leotard and tights, have their hair in a bun, and the parents are not encouraged to watch the class other than on "observation day." I love the structure though and I actually like that I am forced to take an hour for myself because if I was allowed to watch the lesson I would (that's the mom I am). So far the girls love ballet and Ellie actually wants to participate in the annual Nutcracker performance. 

Lola and Ellie on their first day of class.

What a bonus... The Civic Youth Ballet is in the heart of Balboa Park. I love any excuse to spend time in Balboa park and what a treat to get to spend a solo hour in this park. I imagine I will take advantage of this time with a run here and there, but these past few week have been too hot for a mid-day run- so onto the next best thing... reading (not a kid's book) under a shade tree LOVELY!

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  1. So sweet! I can't wait to see those Nutcracker pics. I have book envy over here.☺


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