Thursday, September 25, 2014

bye BOB

I know this post might sound ridiculous to many, but the moms out there might be able to relate. 

It was time, for so many reasons, it was time.  For starters, I have to 5 1/2 year-old girls who are in kindergarten, my garage is overloaded with kids' stuff, and we only used it one time this whole summer. What is you ask? My very last memento - if you will- of babyhood. The bob stroller. 

This stroller took my babies everywhere and anywhere around San Diego. It lulled my baby girls to sleep, it allowed me to walk the zoo over and over again with such ease. It allowed our family to take summer evening walks almost daily in our neighborhood.  Some of my fondest memories of being a new mother to my baby-girl twins, was my serene morning walks- just the three of us. In the beginning, this stroller was my life saver, it got me out of the house, if nothing more than just to walk. As the girls grew, it became our caddie, taking us to Sea World and to the beach. To the Botanical gardens and hiking mission trails. It made camping and shopping possible. It helped keep me fit. 

I know, it's silly, but this simple stroller represents so many joyful memories. This is why it was so very hard to part with. When it was time to hold a garage sale - reluctantly I decided it must go... So I priced it really, really high and hoped no one would bite! Well my strategy worked- it didn't sell at the garage sale. So yes, back to the garage it went awaiting a Craig's list sale and my heart didn't have to give in just yet. 

About a week after the garage sale and before I had time to put it on Craig's list, Mark and Missi, asked in passing if I was still using the Bob stroller. At that moment, my heart smiled, and I knew how I - my heart- would be at peace with saying bye to the Bob.  The new owners of my precious possession would be my sweet nephew and beautiful niece. Liam and Sydney are now cursing side by side, in the Bob, making new memories of their own. 

Though, passing down the stroller was, for me, an official farewell to all things "baby," "toddler, " and "preschool." I'm okay, knowing that my girls no longer in need of a caddie and they are on to bigger and better modes of transpiration. They are strong girls who are very capable - and hey if they need a lift now and then, they always have their daddy's lap! 

Bye BOB, it was a good run!
You will be missed!

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