Friday, October 31, 2014

a "Fall" getaway

It was time for a much needed getaway... the school year was in full swing and I,  along with the whole family,  needed a break... just to get away and be with each other and  RELAX!
We headed out to Palm Springs (our neighbor gave us his time share for the weekend- Lucky Us-). You will notice from the pictures that we didn't do a whole lot but hang poolside and have fun. It was hard not to, the weather was a perfect 85 degrees!
{The pictorial review of our little getaway }

Night Swimming? You bet ya!

Karaoke? Yep!
"California Girls" and "Single Ladies"

Out on the town!

While shopping the girls found these they, wanted to get these for new baby boy cousin...

 That's a wrap...
looking forward to next getaway!

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