Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween - 2014

Well, the costume ideas for this year were constantly evolving. First, Lola wanted to be Elsa  form Frozen and Ellie wanted to be a skeleton and then they wanted to be some sort of farm animals... but Ellie came home one day and declared she wanted to be an 80's rock star. Not just a rock star, but an 80's rock star. Lola thought Ellie's idea was fabulous and so the band "The Rollers" came to fruition. I was so glad the girls picked a costume that would be created and not bought. We spent time looking online for inspiration and then raided our closets for some attire that would work. Next, the girls and I made a trip to the cheep tee-shirt store, picked out four different colors, and come home to create 80's inspired band shirts. Together, Lola and Ellie came up with the band name. Not the rockers, but "The Rollers." After all, their daddy does get around on wheels and though he does Rock- he defiantly ROLLS!

During the school day "The Rollers" were an all girl band.
 {Yes, Mommy taught class in these cloths.} 

For Kindergartners, Halloween at school is just one big party! I will have to say Lola and Ellie have the coolest Kindergarten teacher ever.... I mean Marry Poppins!!! She played the part ALL day too! It was fantastic.  I got to pop-in-and-out of their classroom festivities and the day went on. 
Some Halloween Class Art Work

 Lola's                                             Ellie's

 The girls made us Halloween Cards. Lola's was to me. It read it her sweet spelling, "To mommy, Happy Halloween. Get lots of Candy. From Lola. Love you Mom Boo!"
 Ellie's card was to her daddy. It read is her sweet kindergarten spelling,
 "To DD, Happy Halloween, I love you. DD can you go on a date? From Ellie, Boo!"

Lola was the Star Student on Halloween. She was beyond excited to be he Star Student on Halloween. She talked about it all week! The girls had a cookies decorating activities in their class before the Halloween Parade. 

The famous Silver Gate Halloween Parade.
Each class parades around the black top to show off their costumes. 
 I had to include Mrs. Nazarian's "old Lady" costume it was great! 

School out, now it was time to get the rest of our band members and get this party started! 
Daddy Roller, with his fantastic hair was ready!
Emma and Mike joined the band too. Mike being our manager and Emma being the backup singer!
My Husband is a trooper! 

For the first time, we trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood. It was a so nice to be able to stay home and trick-or-treat with our neighbors and not drive anywhere. A fellow mom organized the trick-or-treating event and a ton of people in our community participated. Let's just say the girls didn't walk away empty handed.

{Lola, Ellie, Carter}

The best Part... sorting all the loot!

The girls even got to answer the door for other trick-or-treaters. They love doing that. 
It was a fun and, like always, exhausting day, but so worth it! Great Memories made!

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