Sunday, November 23, 2014

November School Days -2014

Western Day and BBQ
The month started with a Western Day, complete with a family BBQ at lunch time. The girls and I did the best we could to dress "western" and enjoyed the BBQ together. 

My two monkeys on the Monkey Bars
These two ladies have mastered the art of Monkey Baring {If that's even a verb} 
In the short two-months of school recess, They went from going two-hands on each bar  to swinging bar to every other bar and skipping bars. 

These ladies have the calluses and blister to prove it! 

Free Time in Mom's classroom. 
This month the girls have had some free time in my room due to meeting and conferences I have had to attend. These girls are in heaven when left to their own devices. One meeting, I came back to this "Morning Message" Ellie wrote. I was shocked at her writing independence. It is amazing how much they have grown as learners in such a short period of time! Sponges! 

Home Fun - Is the new phrase for  homework. 
Here are the girls working with dad on their Monthly "Home Fun" Packet. 

This Month's Classwork
If I were a Pilgrim. by Ellie

{If I were a pilgrim I would gather food and Iron cloths}

If I were a Pilgrim. by Lola

{I would help my mom sew cloths if I was a Pilgrim}

 {I am thankful for my family and Daddy, Mommy, Me and Ellie.}

 {I am thankful for my cousins! Haven, Athena}

 They studied Jobs in their class this month too. 

{I want to be a Zoo Keeper- by Ellie}          {I want to be a Silver Gate Teacher - by Lola}

Little Writers
Ever since school has started, Lola and Ellie have been obsessed with writing their own books. Currently they have three "Published" and make us read them to them as if they were a real book on the book shelf. I know I'm bias, but I actually love their stories! 

Thanksgiving Cookie Concert
The last day before school broke for Thanksgiving break, the entire Kindergarten put on a "Cookie Concert" for the parents. They sang a few Thanksgiving songs as well as recited some poems. It was really precious. I absolute love that I get be a part of all these specials little event at their school! 

I should have turned my iPhone around but here is the video of their concert. I merged all the songs and Poems Together in one video- You're Welcome Grandparents

After all the kids and parents were invited to stay for cookies and juice. 
 Cookies with their good friend Erica. 

The last event of November at school was - Parent/teacher conferences. This time I was the parent, I was on the other side of the table. Though I have a good idea of how the girls are doing in school, I was very interested in their teacher's perspective and also a bit nervous. Tony enjoyed the experience as well. I do not, for a second, take for granted that Tony and I were able to walk away from the conference with a sigh of relief. Tony and I were reassured that our girls are on track and Proficient in all areas. They are grasping the standards, being good citizens in class, and most of all enjoying school! It really is amazing how much they have learned in just 8 week of kindergarten. They are true sponges. Both Lola and Ellie are reading books with patterns and picking out sight words form everything. They can write sentences about pictures they draw. They have an understanding of numbers 1-20 and can manipulate them is so many ways. Adding doubles. Making Tens. Counting by 2,s ,5s, 10s. Most of all the girls are respectful in school, participate, have many friends, and never get in trouble. We are very proud of our girls!

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