Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Party Mania

The girls have been non-stop party girls lately. 
They have made so many friends this school year and as a result have been invited to nouns birthday parties. 

The first up was Molly's 6th birthday party at a Little Ranch in Del Mar.
{Finley, Lola, Ellie}
 Horse back riding

 Petting and feeding of the animals

Decorating  Cowgirl hats 

 The gang of little cowgirls. 

 Next up Finley's party at Build-A-Bear! 
Um... What a fun and quick party and the girls came a way with a new stuffed pet! 

Third was a Princess and Pirate party for their friend Madeline's 6th birthday. 
The girls had fun making crafts, playing with friends, and eating cake. 

Our girls are very lucky to have made so many new friends so quickly. 

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