Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Days

We fit in some festive outings this month despite all that was going on. The girls and I headed out to Shelter Island with some friends to view the Parade of Light. A tradition for the last three years, so we had to make it and it did not disappoint. 

Playtime before the parade!

 Here comes the Parade. 

{ Lola, Ellie, Bailey, and Kathleen, Amy, Trent, and Kevin not pictures}

Well.. When life gives you lemons we make lemonade Popcorn! Daddy is a little banged up and has to spend some time in bed, so we missed a few planned Christmas outings, but to be honest the girls couldn't have been happier to call an audible this night  and watch Christmas movies in bed with their "stuffies", daddy, and popcorn of course! Bring on ELF the movie. 

Beach trip in December... yes please! 
As you can tell the girls were pretty excited about playing at the beach. 

My little Lola... still the epitome of Christmas Spirit... She is working hard on Christmas cards and snooping under the tree! 

We did manage to fit in some time for Gingerbread house crafting. The girls helped Uncle Drew enter a Gingerbread House contest at his working by putting together this master piece. 

 The cousins got together for a night of dinner, cupcake making, and Christmas Light looking. 

Christmas books by the fire.... yep! 

My girlfriends and I got together for our annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange. We decided not to draw names this year, but exchange "our favorite things" white elephant style. 
{Stacie, Amy, Amy, Maureen, Kathleen, Leslie}

Cheers to kicking off the Holidays! 

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