Monday, December 8, 2014

Decking the halls...

Two days after getting home from our Thanksgiving trip the girls were READY to deck the halls! We got right into it and made the house look a little festive!
First up Haddie our Christmas Elf made her debut on December 1st.
 She came with a bang, leaving a pile of snow behind. 

The girls love our ever growing stash of Christmas books. They especially love the one that grandma recorded for them. Usually that is the one they read first. 
More than ever before the girls were excited about setting up the house WE took hours to set up the decorations simply because the girls stopped and played with each and every Christmas toy, book, and decoration. 

Of course some much needed hot cocoa to help us !

Time to build those Christmas Legos. 

Our new advent calendar, from our super sweet neighbor, Candice. 

 The halls are decked, now it time to get the TREE. Wednesday, 12/3 (Tony's dad's birthday) we headed out Rain or Shine to get our tree. Nothing was stopping up this day! 

Lola and Ellie 100% picked out the tree this year. I'll say it was a pretty darn good pick too! 



Lola is smitten by Haddie this year... the magic of the season it true in this girl's heart! 
Haddie brought the girls a beautiful snow globe. 

Haddie's been pretty crazy this year... just look!

These girls were so into decorating for the season, they even insisted on decorating my classroom. 
Love them! 

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