Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Week! 2014

We traveled up to Northern California to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family. It was a busy week, but so great to spend time with everyone.
We arrived  at my parents the day my mom retired, so we started the trip off with a bang and helped her celebrate! Yeah!!! Champagne all around!!
Next  Tony, the girls and I headed up my brother Matt's house on Wednesday & Thursday. It was great to spend a lot of time with them! The girls absolutely love and look up to their big cousins.  
Family is fantastic and is was great fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of them. In no particular order here is the proof of the fun. 
{note: I am missing a ton of pictures from Thanksgiving day... 
will be added later when I find out where my computer is hiding them}

The girls after playing dress up

Tony and his girls!
My Silly SILs
Family Shot!
Cheers Sisters
Haven and Mo

 Prepping two turkeys. 

 Mark the bartender. 
The gang hanging out.
Nana, Mom, and Donna
GG and Debbie
Brussel Sprouts and Bacon
Deep Fried Ham
The KID table!
COUSINS {minus Shae}
Lola- 5, Aiden-8, Ellie-5, Haven- 10, Liam- 4, Athens- 12, Sydney 1}

Poppi and "mom's" new dog. Chico

The next day we stopped and saw Grantie, Uncle Lynno, Jeff and Ashley. 
Here are Lola and Uncle Jeff

Well Ellie did not have enough excitement for one week, so she decided to end the week with a bang. While playing a little game of pickup football with her cousins, she fell and (to make a long story short) she broke her collar bone. My daughter is so tough. Yes she cried, but calmed down shortly after and it wasn't until we got back to San Diego (a day and a half later) did we go to the ER. Mom of the year right here... There's not much we can do for the break except try to keep it as immobile as possible. A sling and no active for 2-4 weeks. My heart broke when the doc told me the prognosis. I'm just praying my baby heals up quickly. 

Now let the Christmas Season begin! 

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