Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Nutcracker

My Sweet Ellie girl decided to make a petty large commitment (for a five-year-old anyway) and participate in her ballet school's rendition of the Nutcracker. Little did I know when I agreed to let her participate, that it was an additional Ballet rehearsal every week and five performances during the Christmas season. Regardless of the commitment, I am glad I let Ellie participate. It was great for her. She loved everything about it. Making new friends, being on stage with her kindergarten teacher (oh yeah did I mention her teacher was in the show too), hanging out with the big girls in the dressing room, and getting a bunch of much deserved attention from her biggest fans! 
Here is my sweet ballerina before leaving for the show! 

The show was held in the Balboa park Casa Del Prado Theater.

The dressing room
I volunteered in the dressing room one show. It was fun to watch Ellie enjoy this experience. Getting dressed up, makeup on, and "hanging" with her friends.
Our beautiful Candy girl!

The show! 
To be honest, if you blinked you would have missed their little dance, but they were on stage for a good while. She did a lot of smiling and waving. 

A lot of family and friends came to see Ellie's debut. 
Since there were FIVE shows, we spread out the fans so Ellie would have a cheering section each night.  Lola, but far, was Ellie's biggest fans. She loved watching the show and went to three of them! 

Yes, Ellie's cousins Aiden and Liam sat through the Nutcracker.
Kristin and Meghan came too. 

Ellie signed autographed. 

and got lots of love, especially from her proud daddy.

Uncle Mark was proud of Ellie too!

Missi, Mark, Sydney, Mommy, Aiden, Lola, Tony, Liam, and the Star Ellie

The next show Emma took Lola on a date to watch Ellie perform yet again. 
Lola, Loved dressing up for each show she attended. My glamor girl.

The next showing Kathleen (Kaps), Lola, and I went together.  
We had time to go to the Prado for a drink before the show. 

Uncle Drew and Michelle also attended this showing with us. 

Ellie's professional pictures. 
 All the Candies, Ellie is top row all the way to the left.

The Program. 
Ellie's name is print, yet again!

Thanks Ellie, for helping us all get into the Christmas Spirit! 
You are beautiful on stage and we are so proud of you. 

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