Saturday, January 24, 2015

up to no good...

...or just good 'ole fun. 
January has been one of those months, 
I'm actually not quite sure how we were able to fit in all this fun!
The girls decided long ago that they would save their money for a Wubble Bubble ball. I knew it most likely wouldn't last more than a day or two, but it was sure fun while it lasted! 

{and as predicted this thing only last about 22 hours} 

Let's bake. 
Lola and Ellie wanted to bake a cake all their own. So they picked the cake flavor, made frosting from scratch and decorated it like crazy! 

Roller skating with friends. It's amazing how grown up the girls and all their friends look when they are roller skating around the rink together, dancing to Taylor Swift. 

Bailey, Ellie, Lola, Ella

Park time, we simply don't get enough of this. 

A little impromptu paddle session with my girls on MLK day,
 which led to some fantastic sand play.  
It was so nice to take a break, get out, and not worry about anything. 
I tethered their Kayak to my Paddle board! It was a fun adventure. 

Tony and I got these four cuties tickets to Disney On Ice for Christmas. We thought it would be fun to give them an experience instead of a toy. It was fun afternoon. We started off at Chick Fil-A for lunch and then off to The Sports Arena for the show! 

We managed to fit in a girl's night out... Restaurant Week at Smoking Goat!
{Kathleen, Amy, Maureen, Stacie, Renee, and Leslie}

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the cutest thing...

Okay, so this announcement is a little late, but I am still one very proud Auntie! 

My newest nephew Christian William Koehler was born in 12/12/14! 
He is so precious and is a carbon copy of my brother. I simply cannot wait to until I get to go visit him! Congratulation to my brother Shaun and his wife Katie!!!

Okay... that's it I have to book a flight! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Koehler Christmas / Happy New Year 2015 !

My parents aka Grandma and Poppi came down the week after Christmas to celebrate with us. We had our Christmas celebration together on New Year's Eve. We exchanged gifts, had dinner, and rang in the new year together. It was such a fun evening! 
The loot! 
I had to remove the tree before this celebration, it was too dead and my sinuses had had enough.
Sydney and Auntie Stacie
Poppi  and Sydney singing their hearts out. 

The cousins enjoing a little "Happy Hour"
{Aiden, Lola, Liam, Sydney, and Ellie}
Grandma and Poppi in their happy place. 

Time to open some presents and get spoiled yet again. 


The group shot! 
Sydney, Uncle Mark, Auntie Missi, Grandma, Chico, Poppi, Stacie, Tony
Ellie, Aiden, Lola, Liam
All the present were unwrapped and it was time for some fun... playing with the mess!

The Christmas celebration was complete, time to ring in the New Year!
We all made it to 12:00 am except Ellie, she fell asleep 20 minutes shy of the New Year. 
Mark and Missi 
Me and Tony
My Lola ready to make some noise. 
My Ellie

Cheers to 2015, hoping this year brings peace, joy , and many memorable moments!
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