Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been one of my favorite days of the year. Even as a kid, I loved Christmas Eve. We always had a tradition of going to The City to take in the decorations and do a little shopping with my dad and brother while my mom got ready for Christmas. Well it's been three years now that we've taken the girls Ice skating in Coronado on Christmas Eve. A little tradition of our own. They absolutely look forward to it. Due to Tony's current restrictions, we weren't sure if we would make this year, but Tony got a clear to go, and made his daughter's (and wife's) day! 

A family pic bore heading out. 
Ya know, you got to have a crazy one... after all Santa is coming to town! 

The Sunny Coronado Beach on Christmas Eve never gets old! 
 My girls by the famous Coronado Christmas Tree. 

Let's Skate... 
So we did't get the rink to ourselves this year like last year, but to be honest it a bit more fun to be out there with everyone. We did't feel on stage. The girls were amazing Ice skaters this year!!! By the end of the session the girls were killing it! One of the girls Kindergarten classmates was on the ice too!

 Ellie and I...  taking a break. 
 No walls needed here! 
 Back home for Christmas Eve Happy Hour and Dinner. No traditional homemade Lasagna this year... This year it just wasn't happening... Volare take-out here we come! 

 Last moments with Haddie our elf... so precious! 
 Lola and Ellie wanted to give her a Christmas card to back with her to the North Pole. 

We Love our neighbors, so when Candace, Keith, and Von texted to see if we wanted to play some round of Christmas Eve BINGO after dinner, we gladly joined them. They brought the game to us, since my man needs to stay off his you-know-what as much as possible. It was super fun, complete with spiked eggnog and hot Cocoa. 
 Keith and Candice
  Tracking Santa on Norad was Ellie obbsession for the night. 
 Well, needless to say, this family wasn't making it to Christmas Eve candle light Mass- so we did the next best thing and had our own Candle light mass via you tube! It is a moment I probably won't ever forget. My sweet angles singing Silent Night in my arms as we remembered in our hearts the true reason for the Christmas Season. 

 Time for bed... but not before setting out treats for Santa and his Reindeer. 

 We sprinkled Reindeer food everywhere.... Santa was not going to miss this house. 
 Lola is longling to spot a glimpse of Santa's sleigh...
 I believe she spotted him! 

 .... and to ALL a good night. 

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