Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Morning Magic

After a fun Christmas Eve, the girls were more than willing to get snuggled in bed and dream of what was to come. To our surprise, Tony and I were ready for bed at a decent hour too! Good thing because our morning started pretty early... though to our relief, it was not as early as last year. 

The tree after Santa came!

 The stocking were filled and Haddie, our Elf, left the girls a farewell note!

The girls were instructed not to get out of bed until the clock read 7:00. About 6:00 am Ellie must have heard Tony's Chair and popped right up. All we heard was ...
 "Mom....Mom...Mom...Mommy.... Is it time?"
 Yep, I guess it is time! 
Still Dark, but hey it's Christmas morning. 
and the fun begins...

 The girls realized that Santa had been there... he even made a mess on our patio with the wrapping paper. I guess Santa forgot to wrap a few of the presence and had to borrow ours... Silly Santa. 

 Before they unwrapped any gifts, the girls found the gifts they bought each other and wanted to unwrap those first. It is so, so sweet to simply witness the love between these two girls. It made them both so happy to give to their sister. 

 Let's get unwrapping... Disney Legos!
 American Girl Look Alike Dolls... #1 on their list.
 Happy Girls

 Daddy's turn
 Silly Girl...
 I love how out morning went on and on. The girls opened a bit and played a bit, then opened more. They were so happy to take their time... our present opening even lasted through the sunrise. 

 Taking in the aftermath while enjoying some cinnamon rolls, apple cider, and mimosas. 

 Family Christmas morning photo. 
 Now let's head outside and and try these new scooters big girl scooters that SPARK! 

 A magical Christmas morning it was!

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