Friday, January 9, 2015

Koehler Christmas / Happy New Year 2015 !

My parents aka Grandma and Poppi came down the week after Christmas to celebrate with us. We had our Christmas celebration together on New Year's Eve. We exchanged gifts, had dinner, and rang in the new year together. It was such a fun evening! 
The loot! 
I had to remove the tree before this celebration, it was too dead and my sinuses had had enough.
Sydney and Auntie Stacie
Poppi  and Sydney singing their hearts out. 

The cousins enjoing a little "Happy Hour"
{Aiden, Lola, Liam, Sydney, and Ellie}
Grandma and Poppi in their happy place. 

Time to open some presents and get spoiled yet again. 


The group shot! 
Sydney, Uncle Mark, Auntie Missi, Grandma, Chico, Poppi, Stacie, Tony
Ellie, Aiden, Lola, Liam
All the present were unwrapped and it was time for some fun... playing with the mess!

The Christmas celebration was complete, time to ring in the New Year!
We all made it to 12:00 am except Ellie, she fell asleep 20 minutes shy of the New Year. 
Mark and Missi 
Me and Tony
My Lola ready to make some noise. 
My Ellie

Cheers to 2015, hoping this year brings peace, joy , and many memorable moments!

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