Saturday, February 28, 2015

Party Time!

The girls wanted their party at Pump It Up this year. What a fun pick! It was great, we rented the place for two hours, all their fiends got to jump like crazy for an hour and a half and then off to the party room for Pizza  and Cake. The place did everything- we just had to show up! If there was a year for and easy party this was the one. It was such a fun day and Lola and Ellie were very much celebrated!

My big 6 year olds.

My mom spent the weekend with us and help out a lot... Thanks Mom!

Let's get the jumping started...

The group shot all the friends! 



Happy Birthday Lola and Ellie, mom and dad love you very much and wish for you the best year yet! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Lola and Ellie

I am going to miss year 5!

But 6 is definitely something to look forward to.

Tucking the girls into bed on their last night before turning turning six... I state "you know girls, I am going to miss 5. A lot." Lola looks at me with her big brown eyes and says "mom, don't cry, I'm going to miss 5 too!" right after Lola said that,  Ellie chimes in with "Mom, I don't have to turn six tomorrow, I'll can just go backwards"

That's the good stuff.

My heart is full of words to write Lola and Ellie's 6 year birthday letters, but my hands have not found the seconds to get them down on paper.

I will in due time, but until then,  here is a pictorial review of their actual birthDAY celebration!

What a FUN day the girls had! 
They started off the day welcomed by a decorated house in their honor.

 Breakfast, six-year-old style!

 Off to school with a special lunch and a fun filled day!

 This was waiting for the girls on their desk as they arrived.
They loved these crowns and wore them ALL day. 

 Lunch with friends !

At the end of the day after the whole class sang Happy Birthday, the girls shared their homemade cupcakes with their class! 
Lola and Ellie with their friend Erica. 

Back at home we had a little dinner party, just our family, Emma and Uncle Drew.
The girls were thrilled to open presents BEFORE dinner.

 Water guns from Uncle Drew... these girls were thrilled. 
 Snorkel gear from us... the girls can't wait to go the oil and practice.

More cloths from us and birthstone necklace from Emma

 The girls got Emma with the water guns and they thought it was SO funny! 

 The girls picked this as their birthday dinner! Good Choice! 
 Daddy is still a bit laid up so we had dinner by the couch. 
It was even more fun of the girls to do that !

Our 6th birthday family shot! Tony is a trooper and the girls are the best- so adaptable! 

Looking forward to a fun birthday party with friends this weekend and a year full of great memories. 

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