Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January School Days

While January was speeding by, the girls were hard at work at school... I use the term "work" loosely, there was a lot of playing going on. 

Every once in a while I pop-up on the Kindergarten playground to hang out with these cuties at recess! The highlight of my day. 

On Tuesday mornings I have meetings, so the girls stay in my classroom and when the bell rings they walk themselves to their class. I am usually greeted by a message from Lola and Ellie when I make my way back my classroom. It typically  models the daily morning message they write in their classroom, but I love it just the same. I Love how much they are writing these days. 

Jog-A-Thon 2015! 
We had perfect weather, good music, and a bunch of excited 5 year olds. 
Lola = 15 Laps
Ellie = 14 Laps
Mom = 5 Laps 

Ellie wrote about night swimming... I just love the drawing. 
"last night I went night swimming and there was no bees and I went in the spa"

MLK... I have a Dream

Lola Wrote "I wish that the whole world was good" 
Ellie wrote "I give homeless people food on the road so they have food, so they are healthy."

I'm not sure if it's good thing  or a bad thing to have your mom teach at your school. Lola  started to feel under the weather, so at recess she came to my classroom to rest instead of play and ended up falling asleep for the remainder of the school day. I probably should have took her home, but sometime you have to do the best you can. 

Winter Art Projects.

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