Saturday, February 28, 2015

Party Time!

The girls wanted their party at Pump It Up this year. What a fun pick! It was great, we rented the place for two hours, all their fiends got to jump like crazy for an hour and a half and then off to the party room for Pizza  and Cake. The place did everything- we just had to show up! If there was a year for and easy party this was the one. It was such a fun day and Lola and Ellie were very much celebrated!

My big 6 year olds.

My mom spent the weekend with us and help out a lot... Thanks Mom!

Let's get the jumping started...

The group shot all the friends! 



Happy Birthday Lola and Ellie, mom and dad love you very much and wish for you the best year yet! 

1 comment:

  1. We loved celebrating with you guys! Happy 6th birthday to the girls. I still remember their "sweet" first birthday. Sigh. They have grown up into such wonderful little people!


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