Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lemonaid Anyone?

I escaped to Pilates class last Saturday and when I returned the girls had figured out their planned for the day. They were going to make a store. Ellie had meticulously drawn little animals to sell and Lola and made yummy lemonade and ice-cold water to sell. They picked a great day, because it was pretty hot out! Here they are, their first attempt at a Lemonade Stand. 
Childhood all wrapped up in a bow! 

Ellie's chop is open complete with a tip jar. 

Lola will sell you a cup of yummy Lemonade and send you off with a wave and a toothless smile. 

Some happy costumers...

Money, Money, Money, Money
$8.00 total to be exact {not bad for their first stand} 
I'm sure there will be many, many more of these stands! 

Fun on the Farm!

Stehly Farms

The farm where I get my bi-month CSA box had a strawberry picking event last week. I was so excited for this event, because I thought how cool it would be to show the girls where the fruit and veggies we eat are grown. Free passes were included in our produce box, so my brother Mark and I took the kids up there for the day. The day exceeded our expectations. They had corralled the animals that live around the farm to create a petting zoo, they had a play ground and a fire truck. They also had a framers market set up and a taco bar complete with guacamole made from the avocados grown on the farm and the chicken's raised free range on the farm. The highlight of the day was of course the tractor ride to the strawberry fields. The cousins had a blast hunting for the perfect strawberries. 

They have blackberry picking in May- we will be back! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lucky Leprechaun Day - 2015

Well that sneaky Leprechaun made it to our house again this year. 
The girls decided last minute to try and make a trap. They used an old box, some pennies, and tape measure to try to to catch this sneaky guy. 

Well, the Leprechaun came and went without getting trapped, 
though he left a mess and a few gold coins. 

School was so fun on St Patrick's Day. 
Practically the whole school wore green and Mrs. Sykes had some fun in store for the kiddos. 
 The Leprechaun had visited the girls classroom the night before too...
He pulled out all the green markers...
 He left post it note and flags. 
 All the kids made it to green before they even arrived. 

 The Leprechaun came back after recess to try and find the pot of gold he left in the class... 
needless to say he couldn't find it, but left a mess looking for it. 

 The day would not have been complete without an all green lunch. 
And home for a Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner with friends. 
These girls had such a lucky day!

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