Friday, March 13, 2015

Flying with Uncle Mark!

Uncle Mark and family gave the girls a flying session for their birthday. What a cool birthday present!  The girls were so excited go on the adventure. I am not sure they knew what to expect, but they were excited none the less. We picked the best, most clear day to take this flight. Mark took all of us up in this Archer. We flew out of Gillespie Field over the ocean, up to Del Mar, around Point Loma, to Coronado, and then into the mountains. Lola sat in back with me and Ellie sat in the co-pilot spot, where she got to take the controls and pilot the plane! She was in heaven.
 Ellie, Lola, and Uncle Mark
Uncle Mark giving Lola the run through. 
 and we're off...

 Ellie's flying the plane!!!

What a beautiful light... We could not have asked for a more perfect day! 
After the flight the girls helped Uncle Mark close up the plane. 

One of the cutest moments was on the way home, Ellie asked "Mommy, can girls be pilots? I mean when I grow up to be a women can I be a pilot?" Then she proceeded to talk all about how she wanted to  be a pilot when she grows up and where she was going to fly and with who.  I think Uncle Mark left an impression on her! 

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  1. Taking after her grandpa Frank too!

    Kathy Dunn


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