Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wine Weekend

Any excuse to get away right?
Well this time we were celebrating a special occasion. Our good friend Amy is tying the knot, so we celebrate in style with a bachelorette weekend in Temecula! It was a perfect get away, we stayed in a Villa at the South Coast Winery, went wine tasting around the valley via UBER, had a nice dinner, then hit up the spa the day for massages and some much needed relaxation. 

{Renee, Kathleen, Amy, Leslie, Moe, Stacie, Amy}

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Track Meet

Point Loma High School track team hosted an elementary track meet for all of their feeder schools. The girls participation in this even was very impromptu, but I am so glad they wanted to participate. Lola participated in the long jump, 100 meter dash, and the 400x100 relay. 
Ellie participated in the long jump, 50 meter dash, and the 400x100 relay. 
It was a such a great day and the girls had a blast! 

 Ellie, Lia, and Lola
 First up was Lola on the long jump... 

 Next up was Ellie on the 50 meter dash...

Ellie won second place in her heat! 
 Next up Ellie in the long jump...

 Next up was Lola in the 100 meter dash...

 She got third place in her heat! 
 Last but not least was the Relay Race. Each of the four girls had to run a 100 meters. Ellie was the second leg of the race and Lola was the third. 

 These ladies kicked but and won the relay!!!
 First place!!
{Ellie, Natalie, Lia, and Lola}
I believe the girls were most excited that they got to go up in front of the school during the Monday morning assembly to show off their the plaque they won for the school. 
Go Silver Gate Gators!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter morning started like all others....
Ellie woke up first and crawled in bed with us patiently waiting for us and her sister to wake up so they could find what the Easter Bunny left. It was no surprise that the Easter Bunny yet again hid the baskets in our room. The bunny left lots of fun treat. A new kite, funky socks, glitter pens, and of course lots of candy. 

 Ellie Bellie snuggling with her daddy. 
 Love these Easter morning faces. 

 Off to Church with Emma. Tony had worked up to two two-hour sessions in his chair by now, so we all went to Emma church (which is a bit shorter) and the girls enjoyed some donuts after. 

Back to Emma's house for the hunt, brunch, and playtime. 

 Emma's new house does not have a big hunting space,
 so the smart Easter Bunny hid the eggs in the Promenade two houses down! 

 {Mike, Emma, Drew, Ellie, Lola, Tony, and Stacie}
 Play time.
In addition, the girls and I had the best kite flying session in the Promenade that afternoon. It was the perfect kite flying day. We had such a peaceful experience!
Daddy Love

It was a nice Easter. 

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