Friday, April 3, 2015

life lately...

New adventures in our pool... Let's call it Hawaii Snorkel training. 
Yep, these girls have earned the right to wear the blue leotards now... 
no longer are they "tiny-tots" but the are Pre-Ballerinas. 

First "friend" slumber party. Lola and Ellie went over Ella's house for a slumber party and actually one of Mommy's students and Ella's friend Bella spent the night too. These ladies had quite a fun time! Dance parties, pizza making, and staying up late made for a fun evening.
 (Thanks Amy for the pics).

{Ellie, Bella, Lola, Ella}

My Bro and I at the Farmers market, getting inspired for our new blog

Hiking up Cowles! 
I took my friend from High school who was in town for the weekend, up Cowles Mountain... I should really say Lola and Ellie took us up the mountain because they lead the way beating both of us up there! 
{Matt, Stacie, Lola, and Ellie}

International Day Of Happiness was in March... 
Here are the girls posters (a homework project) of "What makes them Happy"

The girls a play date at the house with one of their classmates Erica.
 It was a hot day so we went for a swim!

Okay, this picture does not so it justice - but Lola is obsessed with Hula-Hooping and is a pro at it, she can hula hoop forever. Here she is spending her recess perfecting her skills.

Uncle Drew Took the girls to a friend's La cross tournament... 
I think these girls might have a new sport to try out. 

Life is happening faster than I can blog lately... this is my first attempt at catching up!

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