Monday, May 18, 2015

Mommy's Day

My day was perfect....
I was greeted by these two lovely ladies after a morning of sleeping in. 
My heart was filled with Gratitude... simply because  I get to call myself MOM to Lola and Ellie! 
 Lola and Ellie were so excited that  they awoke and 6:00 am and impatiently waited for me to wake up so they could give me the presents, cool, and start on my breakfast. 
They sure did make me feel special by serving me breakfast in bed (Poppi helped a bit).

 Yumm !
 Afternoon poolside... can't beet that !


 Later that evening Tony, along with Drew, took me and his mom out to dinner, but not before these girls got a little play time. 

I absolutely love being a mom to those girls... 
 I wonder if they will ever really know how much! 

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