Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Undefeated Season!

The Flamingos
{Coach Casey, Coach DJ, Angelina, Ava, Leighton, Olivia, Isabel, Lola, Dottie, Ellie, Georgia} 

We wrapped up our undefeated season with a lot of fun! I use the word undefeated loosely, as all the other 6U teams were undefeated too. Got to love 6 year-old softball! 
Both Lola and Ellie absolutely loved softball. It was the first sport or activity we have put them in where they expressed such excitement and can't wait for the next season. 
Here are the highlights from the last game. 

 Lola is up to bat...
 It's a hit!


 Ellie's up...
 It's a hit

 Time to play some outfield. This game, the fielding was awesome. You could really tell how much all of the girls had grown this season!

 GOOOOO Flamingos

 Party Time! 
The Flamingos went out with a bang and had their end of the season party at a team mom's salon. 
It was an awesome day for all the ladies. 

This season was super fun... until next season! 

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