Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Graduating" Kindergarten

Today was the day that Lola and Ellie "graduated" from kindergarten and they officially became 1st graders. Their teacher hosted a promotion creamy where she recognized each student individually by calling them up, giving them their certificate, and saying a few things about each student. It was perfect way to end such an awesome year!

Mrs. Sykes giving the girls their certificate.

Lola received an award for running the most laps all year. They do a running program at Silver Gate where each class takes a morning break by running and Lola was the top girl in her class by running a total of 50 miles in the whole year.

 Kindergarten is now a thing of the past. I have yet to process that statement. My fear is that I will continue to try to process the end of each milestone and  how it all seems to go by in a blink of an eye  and never will be able to do so. I have watched Lola and Ellie thrive and grow as learners this year. They became readers, writers, and mathematicians. They made new friends and I entered the realm of play dates with parents I just met. I loved every new experience they gained this year as kindergarteners. I absolutely loved the stories they told us at the dinner table about the playground dynamics, who acted up in the class, and who was their “new best friend” of the week.  I simply love the kindergarten narrative we got on a daily basis… I will miss that! Though I am sure the first grade narrative will be pretty interesting to day the least!

This is a letter I wrote to Lola and Ellie’s kindergarten teacher
 – it sums up their year. In their school career they will come across good, bad, and just okay teachers. I am just really, really glad that Lola and Ellie were able to start off their school career with a stellar one and carry that experience with them! 

 Appreciating the Teacher in You!

"We know that many people think teaching kindergarten is easy. After all, it’s just finger painting and ABCs right? … Even as a teacher myself, I did not realize the impact my child’s kindergarten teacher would have.  Because of your passion for teaching and the love you have for the children you teach, you have left a permanent and positive impact on our two girls.

We want to personally thank you for giving them a gift we could not ourselves give. This school year, we have watched Lola and Ellie grow immensely as learners and blossom into students. You have lit a fire in them. They are going to walk away from kindergarten with a passion and enthusiasm for learning- which we believe is the greatest gift a teacher can give.

In 9 short months, our 6 year olds have learned how to read, fell in love with writing and became authors in their own right. They have learned how to manipulate numbers and have memorized a million poems. They have learned that school is fun and have gained a curiosity for learning new things.

You have done your job and made their very first school experience truly unforgettable. Our girls are very very lucky, after all not every one could say they had “Mary Poppins” for their teacher!"

Now that we are "o-fish-ally" 1st graders we had to document it
After the promotion ceremony, I was able to lead the class in an art project. I found this one on Pintrest and it turned out to be a hit with the "1st graders" 

Some of the finished products...

 Now it's time to celebrate with a Pizza Party and one last hoorah on the kinder playground!


As much as saying bye to these milestone in our girls' life is hard and a bit much process... 
SUMMER is awaiting and man are we READY!!
Cheers to Saying Sianara to kindergarten and HELLO to beach days, family vacations, summer nights, sleeping in, and lots and lots of fun free time!

...and it wasn't an hour after the school bell rang that summer was in full swing...
Room 12 and much of Silver Gate decided to kick off summer with an afternoon/evening at Kellogg Beach. What a great fun way to kick it all off! 

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