Thursday, June 11, 2015

school extras

Silver Gate is a pretty special school! The community of people as well the enrichment opportunities are abound. The girls don't quite know how lucky they are to attend such a great school.
 {for me it's still work... but I feel pretty darn lucky to be with my girls everyday}

For starters, volunteers are allowed and welcomed in the classrooms! Tony and his mom would come every Thursday and volunteer in the classroom. Most of the time they worked with individual students on math lessons, games, and assessments. Lola and Ellie loved having them in their room! 

The girls participated in a few after school enrichment programs. This allowed me to hold meetings while the girls were learning and having fun. 

I volunteer my classroom as a space to hold an after school Spanish class and in return my girls got to participate in the class! So every Monday Lola and Ellie spent one hour with their friends learning Spanish with a program called sing and learn Spanish. Their teacher was Senora Ruth. They actually retained more Spanish than I expected. Tony (my fluent spinach speaking husband) was the only was capable to help them with their Spanish homework... my two years of high school Spanish didn't cut it. 
{this day was presentation day so the class was held in the auditorium not my classroom it also happened to be pajama day at school that day}

The girls also took an after school Yoga class on Tuesdays. They LOVED it - I even participated a few times and I loved it too! Ms. Michelle was their teacher. 

During school hours the girls were spoiled with many enrichment opportunities. One being the ECO Lab aka the science lab. There they got to work with Mrs Sykes, their teacher, and the lab tech Mr. Craig to do all things science. This particular day the students were observing rollie poolies and their characteristics while drawing diagrams of the insects. Ellie stated many time that the Eco lab was her very favorite. 

Once a week the class got to go the computer lab and learn how to use the computer. They worked on computer games as well as creating pictures using art programs. I loved the pictures they would create in the lab. 

The kindergarten as a whole cultivated a garden! Together they planted and harvested vegetables and herbs to taste and learn from. They even grew enough produce to sell some in the Silver Gate farmer's market. Thursdays were Lola and Ellie's class' turn to go to garden. I was never able to get away from teaching during that hour to snap pictures of them gardening, but I did get some shots of their green garden! 

Now, we only did this a handful of times. I can imagine, as they get older, my classroom will be a gathering place for Lola and Ellie and friends, but for now it's still pretty special. Sometimes when I would work in their class room the girls would ask to have lunch me and of course I could never turn down a lunch date with these two! 

 Sometimes they would even leave me a little note in return... be still my heart... love them! 

Needless to say the girls' kindergarten school day and beyond was full of very cool experiences and a few perks! 

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