Monday, July 27, 2015

Mid-Summer Fun

After the jet lag wore off, we got back in the swing of things. 
Nana (my maternal grandmother and the girls great grandmother) was down to San Diego for a visit. We all got together for dinner (and  little dancing) to celebrate! 

{Lola, Sydney, Liam, Ellie, Nana, Aiden}
 An impromptu dance party and sing along with the cousins. Nana loved it. 
 this girl took center stage

Friday Night Point Loma Summer Concerts
Amy, Ella, Moe, Rob, Willem, and a few other friends joined us for a relaxing evening listening to an  Eagles cover band. It such a carefree evening! 
 {Bella, Ella, Ellie, Lola}

BOATING with Uncle Mark! 
Mark and I took the cousins boating. It was such a fun adventure last year and girls have been looking forward to this all summer. It was a nice day on the water! The smiles were endless!

 They all jumped in!!!!!
 We topped the day off with a burger and an ice-cream! 

A day at the bay with our good friends, Declan, Lexi, and Nathan. 
Lindsay and I met up with the kids at South Mission Bay. It was such a FUN day with the kids. They all, including Nathan, had a blast on the Kayak, paddle board, and simply just playing in water. 
 Lola made a break through in paddling this day. She was so independent. 

 This guy was so happy the whole day!

Midway Museum
On Uncle Drew's Birthday we went to the Midway museum and spent the day together. 
Tony's dad was stationed on the Midway during the Vietnam war where he flew the F-4 off of the Aircraft Carrier. "Grandpapa" flew this plane and Lola and Ellie took it for a spin. 

 We celebrated Uncle Drew birthday dinner with a round of Bocce Ball and ofcourse some cake. 

Play Date with Bailey
The girls started the day with a swim and then a dinner date and ice cream. 
"Mom can we have our own table?" 
Where did the time go?

The girls have coveted this Lego set for over two years. First for quite some time this Lego set was over their head and second it was pretty pricey. Though the girls have been reading this summer and as a result have earned money. Their money combined with an unheard of Lego sale at Target made this possible. The girls were ecstatic! Needless to say we spent the next day and night building this set. It was so much fun and such good quality time together. 

 Take Me out to the Ballgame! 
We headed downtown for a ballgame. We hit the town early for drinks and some snacks. We love downtown !

 Go Pads!

Night Swimming at it's best! There are simply not enough summer nights. 

There is so much summer left....Let the fun continue.... 
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