Sunday, July 5, 2015

starting summer off right

Well we didn't waist anytime starting off the summer right. In no particular order,  here is a recap of our first few weeks of summer. 
First, My grandma the girls Great Grandma came down for a visit. We got to spend the whole day with her, so we headed down to Sea Port Village for a day of lunch, shopping, and site seeing. 

 Yep that's my 90 year-old grandma on a carousel!

South Mission Bay with  Ella!

La Jolla Shores with Declan, Lexi, and Nathan

 Elle giving us a free concert! She Rocks!

 Tony and I got out for a fun date night. 

 Lola and her shoes... she loves them!

Down Town Park! 

Summer time = fort making at its best. 

 The best is when mom lets you have a slumber party with your sister in the fort. 

 Park Selfies... Love this girl!

Kellogg Beach with Xavier, Leo and Willem... 
a great time to practice snorkeling for the upcoming trip to Hawaii. 

 We've been speeding a lot of time building our summer Lego city these past few weeks, complete with a beach house, pool, fish restaurant, and pizza parlor. 

Paddling in Coronado with Meghan! 

 The girls have become so comfortable on the board that they were jumping off and getting back on. They even jumped off the board and swam back to shore when we go close enough. 

Sydney Slumber Party. These girls were so happy to have a girl cousin sleep over!  

The best part yet, was my parents closing on their new home in Ramona! 
They will be living part-time in our neck of the woods and we couldn't be happier. 

So much fun already and so much more summer to ahead of us! 

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