Monday, July 6, 2015


I won a trip to Utah with Young Living. They flew me to Salt Lake City where they hosted a Gala, held classes, and gave tours of their Lavender farm and cooperate offices. It was a busy trip with little  downtime. I met some pretty awesome girls that will most likely be life longs friends and learned a lot! Thanks Emma for holding down the fort so I could take advantage of this opportunity. 

Young Living put me up in a hotel called Zermatt, which was actually in Midway, Utah (aka: middle of nowhere), but trying to stay positive we took advantage of what this town had to offer (which was not much). We found the Homestead Crater. A 65 foot deep crater filled with natural hot mineral water. Basically like a hot spring. It was a cool thing to wait around in! 

The first night was our Gala where I met my twin- we become instant friends! Abby along with her friend Jen had a lot together the whole weekend. 
Debbie (Missi's mom won the trip too) we got to spend some time together too! This day was a day of classes and of course Ninga Red Shots

Abby, Jen, and I needed a break from the heard so we ventured out into Salt Lake City to find lunch and explore a bit. 

My Hotel Grounds


Yep- There's Missi on the wall where the top ranking member are recognized!
bus, bus, and more bus rides.... be tried to make it fun
{Jen, Me, Abby}
Young Living Lavender Farm, Mona, Utah
I met Lindsay- the leader of the Lemondropper Team! 

The Fields

I won another trip with Young Living, to Idaho this time, but I'm going to wait a year to take them up on their offer. I liked the trip, but I guess you can say I'm not a group planned trip kind of a girl. 

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