Wednesday, August 19, 2015

addicted to the beach

The girls simply can't get enough of the beach these days... and it's fine by us! 

An evening in Ocean beach with just the four of us! Simple moments are the best... beach, sunset, dinner at the BBQ house, and Bud's ice-cream... a perfect summer night if you ask me! 

Back at it ... 
A day at Moonlight beach with our beach buddies Lindsay, Declan, Lexi, and Nathan! 
These kids were not fooling around, they were boogieing from the minute we got there until the minute we left. 

Some Boogie boarding footage... .these kids rock! 

Beating the heat with an evening at the Ocean Beach. I met up with my friend from work and her two kids. The three girls had a super long sunset session on their boards.

some boogie footage of a sunset session

Tony planned a play date with his friend Chris and his two kiddos Bryce and Solana at Moonlight beach and Lola and Ellie begged to invite the grandparents so they can see them boogie board! At the last minute Emma got sick, but there will be many more times.

Grandma Mar
Ellie, Lola, Solana

Chris playing soccer with Bryce
Tony hanging by the lifeguard tower watching his girls catch those waves.
"NO Hands" Ellie

Lola on her knees...

Triple fun on a wave!
Lola, Poppi, and Ellie all caught the same wave! How lucky are those girls that they have a Poppi who will jump right out and boogie with them!

I even got out and boogied with the girl this day. It was so very fun to ride the same wave as your daughter and together smile from ear to ear! 

As we were leaving this military plane made a low flying fly by... 
The pilots were waving out of the window. Pretty Cool! 

I don't blame these girls for being addicted to the beach!

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