Sunday, August 30, 2015

daughter dates -2015

It's kind of a tradition now! As the end of summer approaches, Tony and I each take the girls on a date. This is something the girls absolutely love. They talked about it for a week and planned each date to the minute. They even picked out their cloths and our cloths as well! It is really something Tony and I look forward to too, it's amazing how different these girls are when they are apart! Of course I was able to get some pictures of the girls and my date but none of Tony and the girls (just some shots before they left). 

Daddy and Ellie!
 For their date I dropped them off at the mall. Ellie had made a list of exactly what they would do for the evening. It included; playing at the Lego store, the candy kiosk, Pizza dinner at the food court, some shopping at Disney store store, and back home for a movie- Tony and Ellie rode up the hill back home on their own. I truly wish I was a fly on the wall during this date. I really can't imagine how cute it was when Ellie was riding on her daddy lap, helping him pay for the dinner and treats, and also helping feed her daddy some Pizza. She's a pretty special girl! 

 Lola and Mommy!
Lola dressed me down to the shoes and jewelry. 
 First up- West Elm. Let me explain... Lola loves everything HOME. Her favorite show is fixer upper,  her favorite computer games are remodel ones, and she loves going to show property with us! For a long time she has wanted to go to that store, so when she planned her date this was first on the list. We picked out all the furniture for our next home! 

 After some conversation and coffee we headed to get a Lola a hair cut. 
She wanted to go short and I think it looks so cute! 

 We then headed to the "Hot Spot" when we made a homemade candle! 

 and then wrapped up the evening with a sushi dinner at Blue Smoke! 
I love that my girls like good food !
 The next day we were able to pick up Lola's candle... so pretty! 

Lola and Daddy!
The next date it was Lola's turn to go with Daddy! They did almost the same thing as Ellie but they opted for Hot Dog on a Stick and after a little shopping and treat buying they raced home to watch "Home" shows! 

 Ellie and Mommy! 
 First up Ellie and I headed to Mission beach and started with conversation and coffee! 
 Next, Ellie wanted to roller skate on the Mission Beach Boardwalk. 
It was so fun, but it was hot we had to cut it a bit short. Ellie was dripping in sweat !

We too headed to Blue Smoke for a yummy sushi dinner. 

 Then we just walked around the mall and played in Jeppetos and Build a Bear! 

I absolutely love these dates. 
It makes me want to do them more often... but I'm not sure they would be quite as special then! 

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