Wednesday, August 26, 2015

East Coast Adventures!

The girls and I headed out to the east coast this past week! 
Our primary goal was to meet my newest nephew Christian William Koehler who was born last December. Meeting him was defiantly the highlight of our trip, but our trip was filled with a ton of fun and adventure. We spent a day and half in New Jersey just hanging and then headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania to go camping and explore Hershey Park. 
We arrived at my brother's house about 2:30am, so we headed right to bed, but were woken up bright and early at 6:30 am by Christian and his big sister Shaelynn, they were SO excited we were there!
Lola and Ellie meeting their cousin for the first time. 
Lola was little mommy to Christian the whole weekend! It was precious!

It wasn't soon after breakfast that the kiddos had to go for a swim! 

 {Lola, Ellie, Shae}

It's really cute to me how domestic my brother is... 
Here are Lola and Ellie making banana bread with their Uncle Shaun! 
It was yummy!

Okay, so we headed HERE for lunch. I had never ate here (only saw the movie) since White Castle is only on the east coast...and I'll tell you I will me happy to never eat there again. 

Playtime out front.

 Shaun has a pretty good garden growing,  so we took advantage of the harvest and picked some fruits and veggies for a dinner salad. 

Baby bath time!
Big girl bath time. 
 Cousin Slumber Party

Off to Hershey! 
 We headed east of New Jersey into Pennsylvania to start our camping adventure. 
I had to snap this shot because when we arrived I felt like we were plopped in the middle of a classic 80 's camp movie. 

 We camped with my brother and a one of their good friends who also had a little baby. 
First setting up camp and then just relaxing ... what else is camping for?

 Ellie and Auntie Katie found a four leaf clover. 
First camp fire of the trip! 

The next day we headed into Hershey Park, which was, to my surprise, a huge amusement park!

Time for some roller coasters.
 I simply can't believe how brave my little girls were. They rode two HUGE roller coaster. So big that Auntie Katie and Kendal's husband Bobby were too scared to ride. First up the Comet! 

 Next up the Sooper Dooper Looper!

 (I'm too cheep to buy the picture .... but you can kind of see the fun)
 Off to some of the scaled down rides so the cousins could join in on the fun! 

 They measured your heights by and bar sizes.

 The little ones went back to camp to nap, so the girls and I headed off to Chocolate World where we took a ride through a replica chocolate factory! 

After that,wWe headed back to camp for some water fun! River and a swimming pool.

 Lola and Ellie loved making Christian laugh!

 Back to Hershey Park for some night time fun! 

 When we arrived back at camp (Shaun and Katie had to take Chritian to the doctor and he hit his head pretty hard- Thank God everything was okay!) to the camp fire already roaring and ready for a second round of smores and fun! 
Uncle Shaun and Lola .... Precious!

 Time for the long journey back! 

Thanks Shaun and Katie for such a fun trip! 

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