Thursday, August 13, 2015

having SEW much fun

My friend Renee invited Lola and Ellie to a Sewing "camp" for two days. It was such a cool opportunity I could not pass it up, Renee is such an awesome seamstress and I too was hoping to pick up some tips! 

The class started off with Xavier {Renee's son} giving crocheting lessons, a very short demo from this five -year-old, but none the less impressive. 
 The class took place in the back yard "room" her husband just built... their whole family is crafty! 
Renee started by introducing the lesson and then we were straight to work. 
 Up first... let's learn how to thread a needle and sew some buttons! They sewed on button to make cat eyes and a nose! I'm stoked, the girls now can fix my missing buttons! 

 Sewing machine practice! 
 The next day the girls were ready to take on a project. We cut, pinned, and used the sewing machine to make a drawstring snack bag. So cute! 

 Home with the finished product! 
 The girls were so inspired by the class, they begged me to go to JoAnn's Fabric Store and get fabric to make some American Girl doll cloths. I found a pattern on Pinterest, so off to JoAnn's we went and then back to work! 

 The finished product! 
{They pretty much did it all except threading the elastic... I was stuck with that duty}

Even though I'm not much of a sewer myself, I am really enjoying learning with the girls! It's such a fun process to decide what to make, pick out the fabric, and then take the time together to make something homemade. 

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