Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Love Summer

I love Summer because there are no rules...  yes, is really the only answer because there is no good reason to say no when time is of the essence and the schedule is what you make it!

A Condo Camp Out
Lola and Ellie were determined to sleep outside one night. They started to make a fort on the deck, but it never came to fruition. It was small and kept falling down... so the next best thing would be to set up the beach tent... why not?
I love summer because it sparks such creativity from our little girls. 

Good night sweet girls!

They actually slept outside all on there own! The cutest thing was that at about 3:00 am Ellie woke Lola up and said "Lola I have to go to the bathroom but I'm scared you have to come with me" So together they went to the bathroom and then right back into the tent to complete their night sleep {Tony is a very light sleeper and head the moment unfold}

Cousins, Carlsbad, and the Coaster
I love summer because it allows you to be spontaneous! Uncle Mark called one afternoon and said do you want to take the train up to Carlsbad for dinner? Sure why not, after all bedtime is always a bit flexible in the summer! 

Playing Peek-a-bo with this little munchkin is FUN!
Either we have some lazy kids or just one fun Uncle!
We played with bubbles and strolled on the beach before dinner!

PIZZA all around!

Breakfast in Bed by Ellie
I love summers for lazy mornings! Our sweet Ellie is always an early riser no matter what time she made it to bed. 6:30 am on the dot! This particular morning Tony and I were woken up to a bunch of clanging in the kitchen. We knew Ellie was up to something, but we weren't quite sure what. Then all of a sudden this cute face shows up with a platter of deliciousness. She brought us breakfast in bed which she made all on her own. She even brought us hot coffee, now I know adults who can't figure out how to use my Kerig. I was unaware of her ability to use it, but I know to never underestimate Ellie's power of observation! This moment was one I will never forget. I will never forget the joy on Ellie's face when she knew how happy her gesture made us! 
She even cut up the apple (after I took a bite of the apple Ellie disclosed that she used just a butter knife to cut it  -ya know to be safe- and while cutting it up the apple slipped out of her hand and landed in the cat's water dish, but not  to worry she wiped it off). 

I love that summer yields impromptu moments
I'm a mom who always carries a picnic blanket in my car for moments like these...
An impromptu picnic at Balboa Park between errands. 

I love Summer because there is time to enjoy things like Friday Night Frolics or Wine Wednesdays 
In this case we were enjoying Wine Wednesday with old friends and past clients. Unbeknowst to us, the girls used this opportunity to set up a "game station" while the adults talked and enjoyed apps. The girls were busy at work, only to announce that all of us had to play a game station and then there would be a puppet show to follow. It was amazing how these two girls got all the adults to play games like Kerplunk, go fish, UNO, and Ladybug.  

Our guest didn't know they were getting entertainment with the dinner !

I love summer for never ending reasons to celebrate... 
yes, yet more celebrations of my birthday... I'll take it! 
First up Kathleen and Monte had us over for dinner and surprised me with this for dessert!
Lola, Monte, and Frankie
Kaps and Ellie
Next, My brother Mark and SIL Missi were gone on my birthday so they has us over for a day of swimming, BBQ, and yes more Cake to celebrate my birthday! I sure do feel loved at 36!

We played around with a bunch of slow -mo video jumping in the pool .. fun stuff ... 
 {I Think I have a problem and am a bit addicted to the slow mo feature on my phone}

I love Summer for the free afternoons... nails and shopping with grandma

Kayaking with Emma and Mike
One of my very favorite things about summer is the warm SUMMER NIGHTS!  It was such a nice evening for a paddle, so we met Emma and Mike down at Liberty Station to paddle the channel. It was a perfect spot protected by any wind. The girls paddled on their own while Emma and Mike Kayaked and I paddled on my board. This was a great spot because Tony was able to stroll right along with us on the walking path that followed the channel. 

So proud of these girls! 

Summer allows the girls to reinvent home play. Which I love... example Ellie and Lola have really taken to their American girls and Doll play in general, Ellie here is bathing her baby!

I also love summer for it's many, many casual swim sessions!

{Did I mention I love SUMMER! Despite the rest of San Diego, we still have three week left of this glorious season so we intend to take full advantage of it!} 

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