Thursday, August 6, 2015

some special summer moments

We call it "Sunset and Sandwiches" 
We pick up sandwiches just in time to sit back and watch the sunset. This particular night was one of the most unique sunsets any of us had ever seen! Sunset Cliffs never disappoints. 

On July 29th Tony and I celebrated our 9th anniversary
We kept it simple and went to dinner and a movie.

Tony and I bought each other this table for our anniversary present. 
It was a consignment find (originally from West Elm...score), you might think I'm crazy but this little table has changed our lives. We spend so much more time outside on our patio! It's great. 
Our anniversary was a good day to put this table to use. 
Champagne all around; before and after the date! 

Just me and the girls beach day. 
The girls state that Ocean Beach is their favorite beach... because they feel a connection there. So they chose this beach to head out to. I absolutely love going to the beach with our friends, but it's priceless to just hang out at the beach with these two ladies from time to time. It was one of the most fun boogie boarding days to date! 

Some sand play...

Time to get the boogie boarding started!

The Key Jar
My friend Lindsay told me about the Key Jar concept. You put a series of rather deep questions in a jar on your family dinner table and take turns pulling one question a night for the whole family  to answer. The girls LOVE it and Tony and I love it too! It provokes some cool conversation, teachable moments, and 6 year old insight... which is pretty cool. 

Swim Date with fun friends 
{Rose, Lola, Ella, Rainey, and Ellie}

My Birthday.... We spent the majority of the day and night just hanging and having fun as friends came and went (so many of who are not pictured, I didn't take too many pictures this day)!
 It was such a nice way to spend the day! 
Some of my gifts, Yep totally spoiled!!! 

I can't wait to see how I will use the GO Pro! Also, I have to tell you a story about the ear rings. When in Hawaii, I grew very found of the Plumeria. I have always loved the flower for it's simplicity and fragrance, but in Hawaii we were surrounded by so many Plumeria trees. Each day one of the girls would put pick three Plumeria flowers and put them into our hair. When in a jewlery store while shopping in Waikiki, I learned that Plumeria has a deeper meaning. The five pedals symbolize Sincerity, Faith, Devotion, Aspiration, and Surrender. I love that! Lola and Ellie remembered how much I loved that and picked these out for me! 

The Silver Gate Crew! 

Champagne and Cake on the BEACH! Perfect! 

Lola was Sydney's keeper all day! 

An birthday evening on the beach complete with a Bonfire and Smores! 

Who needs candles on your cake when you have a bonfire?

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