Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vacation Bible School 2015

The girls had mixed feeling about VBS this year. Ellie was excited to go and hang out with her friends from church. Lola on the other hand was not too amped on going as she realized she would have to give up a week of beach days (she didn't think that we might take her to the beach after... silly girl), but after one day of VBS both girls were hooked and couldn't wait to go back the next day. 

The theme was CAMP ... totally fun for the kids! I took a step back this year and did not volunteer as a teacher. I just helped out a little here and there. (to be honest it was nice to have a few hours to myself to get things done- it makes me think that a week of a summer camp next summer might not be a bad idea). So as a result I only have a few pictures from the week. 

It's time to sing. 
One of my favorite things about VBS is that the girls learn a bunch of new song and sing them all around the house for months. This year was no different. 

The girls made some pretty cool crafts too! 

The last day is always one to look forward to... water day! 

This is a video of the group singing a song outside while trying to wake the neighbors. You will see the kids start to look up and that is because they are looking up to the high-rise next-door to see if anyone heard them. It was great when a few people came out on the balcony to listen. 

The girls memorized bible verses this year! 

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