Tuesday, September 8, 2015

incomplete bucket list...

This last week of summer we tried to cross off all the left over items on our summer bucket list... but it didn't happen.  We were simply having to much organic authentic fun this summer to follow the list. Though we still have time... we live in a city where summer feels like it never ends. So maybe we'll get to a few of those items not checked off like; fishing, movies in the park, camp fire at grandma and Poppi's house, etc!

We did manage to cross a few off the list though. 

First one ... Ice Skating! 
It was such a great afternoon, we skated for a non-stop 2 and a half hours. We practically had the entire rink to ourselves! The girls took about 20 minutes to regain their confidence (it was so cute how they helped each other) and then they were off! They wore me out!

Next, cousin sleepovers. Liam was up first! 
It was great just to steal one cousin at a time. Summer ran out before we fit Aiden in but he's up soon! 

 Last, my girlfriends and I finally found a day that worked and got away for a night in downtown San Diego. We stayed at the Hilton Bay Side  and then spent the evening in the Gaslamp. It was such a nice way to celebrate the end of summer together! 
{Renee, Maureen, Amy, Amy, Stacie, Kathleen}

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