Sunday, October 25, 2015


If you dont' know Mercy Watson... you should!
To my girls, she is the funniest pig around who absolutely loves toast - with a great deal of butter on it - of course! Lola and Ellie's teacher has worked her magic and in just these few short weeks of school, Lola and Ellie have grown leaps and bounds in their reading. I think it has almost 100% to do with how their teacher presented Mercey Watson- that darn pig! They even got to participate in a live author chat with Kate DiCaMillo, the author of Mercy Watson. Currently, both Lola and Ellie are just randomly reading in their free time, they are begging for a nightlight so they can read in bed, and when it comes to daily reading they fight over who is going to read first.

The famous Mercy Watson from 54 Deckawoo Drive, for whom my girls are completely obsessed.

The live author chat with Kate DiCamillo
 Lola reading Mercy Watson to her Daddy, so sweet!
 Lola and Ellie checked out the same Mercy Watson book from the school library so they could read together and to each other.

What a gift to be given, a excitement for reading at such a young age. I hope it continues! 

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