Friday, October 30, 2015

October School Days

October is a fun month to be a First Grader. This post is never ending because the girls had so much school related fun stuff going on this month! 

For starters HOMEWORK... yes these ladies have a homework packet every week. Basically they have to write to a prompt and them complete some math review. Simple, but setting good habits. These girls actually like doing their homework and love comparing answers! 

Every Friday afternoon I get to volunteer in the girls classroom and help with the art lesson. The girls love having me in their as their mom and not as a teacher. I love it too! 

Tony and Emma Volunteer every Thursday, usually helping with math, 
but this day it was a project getting ready for Halloween.

Spirit Day
Each month their is a spirit dress up day and this month it was "dress as your favorite book character," So Lola and Ellie went as Gerald and Piggie from the Elephant and Piggy series. 
I went as "the pair of pale green pants with nobody somebody inside them" 
from What Was I afraid Of by Dr. Seuss.

Free time! 
Why not take advantage of the Silver Gate rock Wall? {Ellie, Ella, Lola}

Afterschool Cheerleading
Lola and Ellie signed up for after school cheer leading this year. Their friends Ella and Tess are doing it with them. At the end of the session all the girls will get to cheer at a USD basketball game. 

Bates Nut Farm Field Trip
The whole first grade takes a field trip to Bates Nut Farm. I took the day off and tagged along with the class. Even through it was almost a 100 degrees I am so glad I went. It was such a fun afternoon and I got paired up with Brittnay, one of the girls' good friends' mom. We hit it off and had such a fun day getting to know each other. 
{Damien, Tess, Ellie, Lola, Aubrie}
{Brittany, Tess, Ellie}
First up we picked out a few pumpkins! 
{Aubrie, Ellie, Lola}
These ladies took it upon themselves to wheel barrow the pumpkin back to the car. -Teamwork-
So I gave them a ride back to the farm!

The whole gang soaking up some chade before we brave the haystack maze. 

Time for the Hay Ride

 Last up was the Petting zoo!

Harvest Festival Time
The Silver Gate Annual Harvest Festival is always a fantastic event. I feel like it gets bigger and better each year. The girls would not let me get away with not dressing up, so here we are in full costume. Me as Raggedy Ann, Ellie as Miss Grimm Reaper, and Lola as Cop Cutie. 
These ladies are playing the part and playing it seriously. 
Go Time. 
{Lola, Bella, Ella, Ellie}

First up was Lazer tag, I will be the first to admit that my sweet little girl Ellie looks like she could be fight for Isis.... No words... But this was an awesome station at the festival. 

They found their "Best Friend" Tess in all the madness !
Love this Shot! 
Amy and Me
Amy went against all of my advise and signed up to be one of the coordinates of the event, she did a fabulous job, but not without a lot a stress! She didn't realize that kinder parents get a pass on jobs that big... she loved it anyway!
Annette and Me
The Haunted Hallway is always the coveted event. The girls went in the Hallway four times. Each time with a new person. I will not even attempt to do the math at how much money I dropped  to make that happen. 

Emma and Mike stopped by the festival to join in on the fun. 
They did a ton of events together and even  decorated a few halloween cookies. 

Dance Party time. 

What a fun night for a few 6 year olds...

Lunch Date with my ladies and their friends.
THIS I absolutely love. Lola and Ellie were so excited to invite some of their friends into my classroom for a lunch date. It was simply just so cool to listen to them chat. I even got invited to have lunch with them at the table. These are the moments!
{Peyton, Ellie, Olive, Tessa, Lola}

The Day before Halloween
Friday -10/30- was the day of all days in October. It was not only the Hallwoeen party day, but also the day of first grade halloween centers, grandparents day, and the Halloween Parade. It was a super fun and exhausting day. 

The first grade classes took over the lunch arbor and completed a rotation of about 12 centers. It was also Grandparents day, so the grandparents got to come and help their grandchildren with each center. 

Maria (our principal) was a clown. Most students thought I was a clown too,
 as most had no clue who Raggedy Ann was. 
Mrs. Sykes, the girls' last year's teacher was Joy from Inside Out

 Lola and Ellie with their teacher Mrs. Ahlstrom! 
She dressed as  which but lost her hat in this picture. 

 After the centers were over the girls got to take Emma to snack and recess with them! 

Halloween School Wide Parade 

...and that about wraps up the Month of October at school...


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