Thursday, October 8, 2015

parties and football

Happy Birthday Poppi! 
My Dad was in town for his birthday... Lucky Us... one more excuse to throw a party! 
GG  and Nana {the girls great grandmas} were in town as well to help us celebrate! 
{Ellie, GG, Lola}
 {Lola, Nana, Ellie}
 {Ellie, Grandma Mar, Lola}
 The men with their little ladies.
The girls were beyond excited to celebrate Poppi's birthday. 
They decorated the house, made him a cake, and gave him a pretty cool gift. 

 Ellie and Lola wanted to show our Hawaii pictures to GG and Nana. Love candid pictures like these!
We took my dad out to Natti's Mexican food for dinner! 
 and then home for some cake, made by Lola and Ellie. 

 Ellie "the party animal" zonked on Grandma's lap! 

Happy Birthday Sydney!
Sydney had a birthday too, which doubled as a mini family reunion. My aunt and Uncle were down as well as my grandmas. Which set us up for a fun evening in Ramona at my parents new house! 

I love this picture... my two grandmas asleep.... during the day... 
I guess 90 years on this planet has earned them this privilege. 

 Time for some play time with Uncle Lynno!

 Uncle Mark was the blue belly lizard finder! 
Can I say slip and slide?
Awesome FUN!
{note: Sydney is wearing Lola or Ellie's old swim suit... memories}

 {Ellie, Lola, Sydney, Liam, Aiden}
 Sydney's cake time! She's 2!
 SMORES... a second dessert! 
 To top it off the smores were in the shadow of the lunar eclipse... Ramona was a fantastic view point. 

 Game Day Sunday! 
I still can't quite believe it, but Tony and I actually got a whole day to ourselves. We headed together to the Charger game. It was a nice treat to be able to spend the day  -just us. We tailgated together before we headed into the stadium to watch the Chargers barely defeat the Browns. 

While Tony and I were at the game, the girls enjoyed a "tea party" at Emma's - to cute!

on a side note
....Just another day at the Drive Ins ...
I love their imaginations.


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