Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Second Annual Surf/Boogie Contest

The girls participated in their school's surf contest for the second year in a row! The names changed  form the Silver Gate Surf contest to the PLOB Mob (Point Loma/ Ocean Beach Mob) Surf contest. 
I absolutely love that the girls go to a school that host an annual surf/boogie contest. 

My SURFER girls! 
{my, Ellie? she fits the bill doesn't she}
 A little play time waiting for our heat, Lola, Ellie, Ericka

Let the competition begin... the surf was a bit gnarly ... a large rip... but these girls didn't let it phase them. They has so much fun, anxious after each wave to get back on the next one. Both Lola and Ellie got into the spirit of the competition this year. They were showing off tricks, turns, no hands, and hopping up on their knees. Since the surf was pretty strong, the parents were out in the mix with the kids!
***Lola was up first ***

*** Ellie was up next in red***

 Our buddy Xavier was in the contest too! 
 The whole gang! 

Daddy watched the girls from Jetty! 
 Awards... Lola won second in her heat! SO proud of her! 

 Ellie also won second in her heat, SO proud of her!

It was such a great day and these girls had the time of their life! 

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