Sunday, November 8, 2015

First Holy Communion

For the past eight weeks, Lola and Ellie have attended First Holy Communion Class. We met every Saturday from 8:30 am to 9:30 am with seven other students in preparation to receive the Rite of First Holy Communion. I will tell you that this class was not an easy feat for both Lola and Ellie and their parents. I attended every class except for one and I learned a ton as well. That being said, this class was intense and required mid-week reviews for Lola and Ellie.  Lola and Ellie had to memorize a new bible verse each week (being tested each week by the deaconess herself). Our Pastor, Rev. Dr. John Bombaro, is not only a USD professor, but a Marine Reserve Chaplin also. Needless to say, an officer in the Military who also teaches college students provided a very intense First Holy Communion training for these first graders. The girls also had to complete a private confession with the Pastor. Overall, it was a blessed experience that these girls will never forget. Tony and I were very proud of our little girls this day! 

Grace Lutheran Church

The Rite of First Holy Communion

 Lola and Ellie are being presented with their certificates of First Holy Communion. 

Time to Celebrate 
We spent Halloween Day (the day before) setting up the Hall. I made the flower center pieces, while others made the dessert, and set up the hall. It was a great way to celebrate all that these children had accomplished. It was definitely a time to celebrate. The celebration was complete with lunch and dessert. 

{Lola, Pastor Bombaro, Ellie}

The formal pictures
one dad was photographer and took professional photos... I have yet to see them, but ill add those late

{Stacie, Ellie, Lola, Tony...liam}
{Emma, Lola Ellie}
 {Uncle Drew, Godfather to Lola,  Lola, Ellie}
 {Auntie Missi, Godmother to Lola and Ellie, Sydey, Aiden, Ellie, 
Lola, Liam, Uncle Mark, Godfather to Ellie}
{Emma, Stacie, Ellie, Lola, Uncle Drew, Tony}

{new certificates are in the works... they missed an i in Ellie}

Lola and Ellie,

I can remember clear as yesterday, the day I took my first Holy Communion. I remember how nervous yet excited I was. I remember the wafer like bread sticking to the top of my mouth. I remember my parents being so proud and me wondering what all the hype was about. I know you just spent eight intensive Saturday mornings learning about the importance of this sacrament, but you too- like me- won’t truly understand the depth of this gift until you are much older. Even as I sat through the classes with you these past two months, I gained a deeper and greater understanding and appreciation for the gift of Holy Communion.

Girls, I fear, during moments and milestones such as these, my heart is just not quite big enough to hold all of the pride, love, and hope that I have for both of you. The fullness of my heart is a real physical feeling. Only a few moments filled my heart like this day did and those are the likes of; the first day I felt you both inside of my body, the day you were born, and the day you were baptized. I could not quite pin down why I was so emotional this day and why my heart was so full. But then It came to me…


Love was the reason.  In moments like these, my heart is bursting and I am at peace because I am reminded of Gods unconditional love for you both. Though I have known since the day you were conceived that you were God’s child, seeing you today take your first Holy Communion, I am reminded that you will never be alone, even when your dad and I can’t be there for you, God is and will always be with you.


Lola and Ellie, always remember that 100% of your sin was taken away the day you were baptized and never will you be considered a sinner in God’s eyes. No deed good or bad will ever change that.  Holy Communion is not for God, it is for you. It is for you to accept forgiveness when you feel you do not deserve it, to let go of any and all unneeded guilt, and receive a renewed sprit-  joy and light in the presence of Lord.  It is a gift to you.

I am so very proud of you Lola Grace.

I am so very proud of you Ellie Francesca.

Love, Mom

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

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