Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

 The morning started out like most holidays do. 
Ellie waking me up at dawn, asking begging for cinnamon rolls and sparkling apple cider. 
So before the parade even kicked off, these girls were in a sugar coma. 
The girls made this Thanksgiving art at school and we used it to decorate the house!
I LOVE the turkeys!

Now over to Emma's house for Thanksgiving Dinner! 
This year was a bigger crowd, as my parents and grandmas were able to join us! 

It rained a bit on Thanksgiving, so we had to go out and "play" in the drops!

Poppi, Grandma, Ellie, Lola

Lola, Nana, Ellie
 Ellie, GG, and Lola
 Group Shot before dinner! 
{GG, Emma, Nana, Grandma, Poppi, Uncle Drew, Stacie, Ellie, Lola, Tony}
Dinner time! 
These are the turkeys the girls made. 

 "Sleeping Queens" is the newest game that the girls are obsessed with. 
 These two can chat it up! The Great Grandma didn't want to get up form the table and pretty much stayed here the rest of the night. I guess the what you get to do when you are 90! 

 ... Now let the Christmas Season Begin...

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