Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Social Butterflies

We have come to a point where the girls are no longer dependent on me for all their social fun. It's kind of a shift and I am not sure I know how I feel about it. First grade has taken play dates to a new level. The girls get invited on the casual after school play date very often. It such a fun part of being a kid, and I love that they have found some good friends to share these moments with. Of course most of their play dates I don't have pictures of, but non-the -less the fun was recorded in all the stories the girls shared with us. And so it begins, girl time, sleepovers, and just plain fun! 
Tony and I planned a more elaborate play date for the girls, as a reward of sorts,  for their first communion accomplishment. We didn't really want to get them a material gift, so we gave them a gift of fun! We let them each invite a friend and then took them all to Emma's house for some playtime before going to dinner at Corvette Diner. 
{Tessa, Lola, Ellie, Payton}
Dress up and Tea Parties anyone? blink and they grow up before your eyes...

Diner FUN!

Game Time 

The next weekend, Lola and Ellie were invited for a sleepover at Bailey's house. This was a long time coming and we finally found a day that would work. Bailey also had her friend Sophie over for the night. Kathleen (Bailey's mom) sent me a few pictures during the night. It was another night filled with girl fun. I heard they were up until 10:00 pm! They went to the park and then out to dinner. I would say these girls were quite spoiled. 

Tony and I took full advantage of the free night and went out on a date, Highly recommend... Dinner Cucina Urbana in Banker Hill, then off to Balboa Park! We had a ton of fun and even found an Accessible UBER to take us safely home. 

The girls were front and center cheering on their big cousin Aiden at his baseball game! I am not bias or anything, but Aiden was the best player on that field, with a huge double hit! Poor guys even got a pitch to the face and walked off the filed like a tough guy! Sydney was in the cheering section too!

I love that no matter how cool they think they are,
 they are still not too cool to hitch a ride with their daddy! 

Why did the kids get the table with the view? 
A Veterans day family dinner !

Olive and Sabrina's birthday party at the SD Yacht Club. 
Pizza, petting zoo, and an art project made for a fun afternoon. 

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