Sunday, December 20, 2015

December School Days

The girls started the month with a cheer leading performance t wrap up their class. 

Lola, Ellie, Ella

Ellie is hard at work editing her writing for their non-fiction writers' morning, where they invite their parents in to read their very favorite writing pieces, Though I have no pictures from the morning, Lola wrote a non-fiction book about pizza and Ellie wrote a nonfiction book about Giraffes. 

Lola and Ellie had yet another sleepover, this time with their very best friend Tessa.
 It was her birthday and they had a ton of fun! 

To help out Tessa's mom (who needed to take other her daughter to the emergency room) the girls got to have Tessa over for the night on a school night.

Silver Gate Teacher Christmas party. 

The girls had a day full of centers, where they rotated stations learning about how other countries celebrate Christmas. It was called Holidays around the world. They got a "passport" and each table was a new country. 

Cookies and Coco... a fundraiser that the girls thoroughly enjoyed! 

Silver Gate Christmas Sing-A-Long
It's a pretty cool thing.. on the last day before break the whole school gathers to sing Christmas carols. It's gets you in the spirit for sure. 

After the sing along, room 2 along with one other first grade class hosted a "Traditions Pot-Luck." Where each family would bring their holiday traditional food to share. It was amazing... so much good food. What a fantastic idea these teachers had. The girls chose to bring sparkling apple cider and cinnamon rolls (our traditional holiday breakfasts). 

Mom ... the elf... and her girls! 

December School Art!


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