Wednesday, December 23, 2015

getting into the spirit of the season

The Boat Parade of Lights in the San Diego Harbor is always one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. It was extra special this year, as last year Tony was unable to go with us (it was the night he was put on bed rest for what turned out to be a 5 month stint). It was just the four of us on this cold, winter night and it felt like CHRISTMAS!
a little play and picnic before the parade

Let the Parade begin!

Walking Garrison with friends!
Renee hosted Hot Coco and treating before walking up the hill to view the lights. 
{Ellie, Lola, Ella)

Ice Skating has been one of the funnest events for the girls this season. Emma got the girls a season pass for the girls and she and Tony would take the girls every Thursday (minimum days at school). They have really gotten to be pretty good skaters! 

A Christmas stroll in Ocean Beach to see the tree and sand castles. 

Cookie making with friends. This was a fantastic day! WE showed up in our Jammies with a box of donuts and hung out until the afternoon letting the kids play while we drank coffee and chatted. My kind of Christmas play date! 
{Lola, Ellie, Tessa, Maddie, Allie, Connor, and Taylor} 

I love  Christmas Breaks... they simply yield daytime naps. 
The girls and I each grabbed our own book and sat on the couch to read, it didn't last long as all three of us fell fast asleep! 
The breaks also give us all time to just be kids...
{forts by the fire}
 {making ornaments by the fire}

The girls are BEYOND excited this time of year!!!

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