Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good Bye Haddie

Towards the end of Haddie's stay she started to leave little treats for the girls. One of which was a little pack of Elf size books for the girls. Included on the four book collections was "Chicken Soup with Rice" their favorite book by Maurice Sandak. 

It was really cute how much Lola and Ellie loved reading a let from Haddie, they were amazed that she writes in all CAPS!

As a result of these treats the girls wrote Haddie some thank you letters as well as made her gifts. 

Lola made Haddie a purse and Ellie made Haddie an outfit! 
They wrapped them up and left them out for Haddie to get on Christmas Eve. 

Haddie is wearing the purse Lola made for her! 
On Christmas Eve Haddie left the girls a note, saying how much she will miss them and that she left them a "stuffy" that looks just like her so they could think of her all year long. She also stocked up on "Magic" the night before so Lola and Ellie would be able to give her one big hug! 

The girls were absolutely nervous to give Haddie a hug, 
but eventually they did and were so happy! 

Until next year, Haddie! 

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